Organisational Governance Mechanism

'We engaged P3M Works to design and build a bespoke governance system to help WeShape control its project environment and flow key metrics to the WeShape Board.
P3M Works took time to design project governance in concert with WeShape, ensuring every project level item matched our requirements. We were impressed by P3M Works’ deep understanding of what made good governance and how information could flow to the appropriate decision maker, speeding up our current processes whilst providing more insights at the appropriate level.
It was important for WeShape to have a product that could be easily accessible by WeShape’s employees and sat within our native systems. Jack and P3M Works provided documentation to allow new users to grasp the concept and construction of each individual governance item without the need for full training. Ultimately, it was this accessibility and continued customisation that made P3M Works the right choice, rather than buying licenses from a larger Project Management software firm.
Jack also provided some excellent Project Management and commercial training for our staff, using real WeShape case studies and linking each topic back to the tools that P3M Works had produced for us as part of the OGM.'

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Cyber Advisory

‘CSRN engaged P3M Works to build its cyber security posture from the ground up. P3M Works led several key workstreams and advised the CIO and CEO as to the prioritisation of cyber risk.
Once the prioritisation process had been achieved, P3M Works provided tools and mechanisms to track cyber risk mitigation and enhance organisational cyber reliance via a phishing device and awareness campaign etc.
The partnership with P3M Works has proved fruitful and we look forward to developing the relationship’



Tech Project Management

“WeShape approached P3M Works to provide Project Management expertise to a critical project after suffering several delivery setbacks.
P3M Works was able to respond rapidly to the request for support and immediately took control of the project, establishing critical governance and striking up a renewed relationship with the customer.
WeShape were highly impressed with P3M Works’ ability to assure delivery on key workstreams and engage all stakeholders. P3M Works was able to work cohesively with the core WeShape team and provide guidance and coaching on Project Management best practices.
Ultimately, P3M Works provided the control, reporting and solutioning required to deliver a critical project for WeShape.”