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Supply Chain Cyber Security

Following the successful delivery of a previous Government research project, Nexor requested P3M Works to manage the development of a supply chain cyber security concept demonstrator and technology extensions culminating in a series of reports and demonstrations for a group of senior government clients.


The Challenge

Taking a concept from theory to a Technology Readiness Level 3 demonstrator presented numerous challenges, the core of which being the translation of theory into a working demonstration within a fixed time period.

1. The project team consisted of partners of varying sizes and internal processes, all partners had different ways of working and varying objectives during the project.

2. Delivering numerous complex Outputs and Deliverables to ambitious timescales with strict delivery criteria.

3. The creation of a novel Concept Demonstrator that translated theory into potential.

Our Approach


P3M Works needed to achieve unity from the project team before the project start. Utilising a combination of in person and remote meetings to agree ways of working that became formalised in a project charter paid dividends throughout the lifespan of the project. It also helped unearth different approaches to software development which could be exploited.

Planning and Managing

Working back from delivery milestones, P3M Works developed a high-level delivery schedule that encompassed a series of two-week sprints. This hybrid approach built in time to address delayed tasks (a backlog) whilst prioritising tasks to focus team effort appropriately to achieve scheduled milestones.

Engagement with senior government stakeholders to coordinate the style and substance of the demonstration whilst managing expectations of both the client and project team unlocked a successful demonstration that led to the project being recommended for continuation. This recommendation also considered the project’s ability to deliver on cost, quality and time.

Technical Delivery

Possessing a depth of knowledge within the Cyber Security field enabled P3M Works to make project decisions to maintain the agreed schedule with the client, without compromising on deliverable quality. This was also achieved through detailed risk management, which protected critical path activities and removed complexity from the project, enabling the project team to continue development without fear of being blocked by other activities or going down the wrong track.

The Outcome

1. The project delivered a series of demonstrations and reports to the client detailing how Zero Trust principles could be used to secure software supply chains.

2. A Concept Demonstrator and technology extensions were delivered to the client as Infrastructure as Code.

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