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We believe in the power of knowledge-sharing and education. Our blog section is dedicated to providing our clients and readers with the latest news and trends in project and cyber security consultancy. 

Jack M

Discover the benefits and use cases of NoSQL databases

Did Poor Employee Offboarding Create 'Threads'

Jack M

What AI and tech can bring to fill the cyber skills gap.

Using Technology To Fill The Cyber Skills Gap in 2024

Jack M

Keep your data safe with these essential security practices

A Brief Note of Reflection on 2023 and a Look Forward to 2024

Ben R

We sat down with Phil, our latest project consultant, to get his thoughts on starting out on a new career path.

Staff Spotlight: Phil Iball

Keira P

Boost your database performance with advanced query optimization techniques

MOVEit Transfer Platform: A High-Level Overview

Jack M

Why the awareness of cyber security is currently ineffective.

Fostering a Proactive Cyber Security Culture: Moving Beyond Awareness

Laura H

Agile mitigations to help solve common project management mistakes.

5 Common Project Management Mistakes and How To Combat Them

Jack M

P3M Works completes government funded cyber accelerator.

P3M Works Graduates from Cyber Runway 2.0

Jack M

ChatGPT is a gamechanger.

Yet another Chat GPT Blog!

Ben R

How Cyber Security could look for 2023.

Cyber Security Predictions for 2023

Ben R

We sit down with Keira, a Cyber Security Consultant at P3M Works.

Staff Spotlight: Keira

Ben R

Advice for Cyber Monday safety.

6 Tips to Help You Keep Safe During Cyber Monday

Josh E

Minimise your traceability online.

Tips to Control Your Online Footprint

Josh E

Frameworks for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

OSINT Frameworks

Josh E

A look into the project to further cement Cheltenham as the cyber capital of the UK.

What is Cheltenham’s ‘Golden Valley’, and what impact will it have?

Josh E

Can AI solve road-based logistics?

HGV Driver Crisis – Is AI the Solution?

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