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P3M Works operates across the UK and internationally to support firms of all sizes in achieving their Cyber Security and Digital Transformation goals without the price tag associated with traditional consultancy.

Why Work With Us?

Working With Us: Private Sector

Drop us an email or reach out via the 'let's talk' button so the team can take a few details.

1 - Make Contact

We'll come and meet you or have a conversation remotely to understand your requirements and how we can help.

Step 2 - Arrange a Consultation

We'll need to submit a formal proposal and arrange a contract before we begin work.

Step 3 - Proposition

Once the contract is signed we'll begin work.

Step 4 - Deploy

How to Work With Us



If an NDA has not been signed as part of step 2, a mutual NDA is put in place during the proposition step to formally establish a confidential relationship.



P3M Works will produce a proposal that is valid for 30 calendar days. The proposal will include a costed breakdown of the proposed work and an estimated delivery timeline for the work to be completed by.


Once the proposal is accepted, a contract will be issued by P3M Works for your acceptance. Work commences as agreed and after the contract has been signed.

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