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Organisational Governance Mechanism

WeShape engaged P3M Works to design and build a bespoke governance system to help WeShape control its project environment and flow key metrics to the WeShape Board. Following on from previous successful projects together, WeShape appointed P3M Works to work with WeShape to identify and onboard a suitable solution.


The Challenge

WeShape required the design and implementation of a completely bespoke governance system to help control its project environment and flow key metrics to the board, as their existing system was no longer fit for purpose. WeShape were keen to further enhance their project control to guarantee delivery of great value to their clients. The end-product also needed to seamlessly integrate with WeShape's native systems and was required to be easily accessible and understood by Weshape's employees.

Our Approach

Beginning with user research to determine the wants and needs of the current users, along with understanding the constraints of the current system; P3M Works began to design project governance in concert with WeShape ensuring every project level item matched their requirements. User research and a feasibility assessment prompted WeShape to adopt a bespoke system constructed in Google Workplace by P3M Works. P3M Works provided documentation and demonstrations on the new system to allow users to grasp the concept and construction of each individual governance item and ensure stakeholder buy-in. P3M Works also provided excellent Project Management and commercial training for the client, using real WeShape case studies and linking each topic back to the tools that P3M Works had produced as part of the OGM.

The Outcome

The end result of the project was a bespoke governance system built in Google Workspace that was adaptive to the client's needs, provided them with the control they required and empowered them to evolve and advance the governance structures in the future. The system was also built around WeShape’s users, which allowed for a flawless transition into BAU rather than something that the userbase would need to adapt to had they chosen to adopt a third-party tool. WeShape were deeply impressed by the work produced by P3M Works further building a strong partnership between the two.

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