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Delivery of Cyber Training

Infosec People were eager to provide their employees with relevant, engaging, and face-to-face cyber training. However, they were unable to obtain the customised training they required from larger providers. As a result, Infosec People approached P3M Works to create a bespoke training package, to be delivered in person, which acknowledged Infosec People's existing policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).


The Challenge

The primary challenge was to tailor an engaging, informative, and useful course for a mixed audience ranging from seasoned cyber professionals to novices.

Our Approach

We conducted preliminary engagement to understand the audience's makeup before tailoring the training materials to discuss basics for lay users. Meanwhile, we incorporated advanced sections aimed at engaging seasoned professionals in the session.

The Outcome

We made the training relevant to the audience's everyday life and experiences, and we used humour to break up the sessions and reinforce key points. Finally, we delivered a successful full-day workshop session for the client.

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