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Delivery of a Novel Cyber Security Concept

Nexor, a leading UK cyber security company approached P3M Works to supply project management expertise for an ongoing project for a government organisation to create a new and complex cyber security concept. But, the project was suffering from delays.


The Challenge

The project faced multiple challenges, including a fixed price agreement with a government client, reliance on multiple resources and stakeholders, and the need to construct a technically novel and complex cyber security concept.

Our Approach

Placed in a project leadership position, P3M Works identified the primary issues and proposed a plan to improve project delivery focussing on improving communication channels, ensuring basic tasks were done correctly, and creating a feasible schedule. P3M Works provided technical expertise and support in writing an element of the novel concept based on previous experience working within the government.

Using an agile delivery schedule to meet fixed cost and time constraints, P3M Works helped the team understand which deliverables could be delivered incrementally to meet milestones and billing schedules. They built a team of technically minded consultants to achieve a successful outcome and also rebuilt stakeholder confidence by producing a comprehensive schedule and milestones with a cohesive project plan.

The Outcome

With P3M Works' support and guidance the cyber security concept was successfully delivered on time, on budget and to the required standard. The successful delivery strengthened the partnership and working relationship between Nexor and P3M Works, leading to future collaborations.

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