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CDN Build

WeShape approached P3M Works to lend their Project Management expertise to an ongoing critical project.


The Challenge

The main challenges faced by the project included disillusioned stakeholders due to the project not proceeding as planned and technical integration with the client's existing project team to ensure that the necessary systems integrated correctly. Furthermore, undertaking rapid project stabilisation to bring the project back on track, communication and collaboration, identifying and communicating with stakeholders, a lack of formalised reporting structures, and implementation and rejuvenation of project governance.

Our Approach

We understood the difficulties with the previous project approach and rebuilt trust by opening up communication lines. We rebuilt the team to be more collaborative and communicative, installed appropriate governance including radio, PID and drumbeat meetings, and developed an understanding of the client's needs and operational processes to align the project approach seamlessly.

The Outcome

Ultimately the Project was delivered on time and as per the revised and agreed schedule. This led to the successful onboarding of the client on to the new system complete with bespoke training sessions. The project was so successful that WeShape partnered with P3M Works to be their delivery partner from that point on.

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