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Yet another Chat GPT Blog!

Chat GPT, it needs no introduction and has been done to death on LinkedIn recently, however that has not stopped me from writing this blog – because Chat GPT really is a game changer and will likely change the way you do your job.

The below touches upon some areas where Chat GPT will make a difference to ways of working and capabilities.

Articulation and saving time on emails

I can’t write intro emails, I think it is a combination of the fear of introducing two parties who may not benefit from one another’s knowledge and selling two individuals who don’t know each other to one another by trying not to embellish needs and expertise. Anyway, Chat GPT can help write a succinct intro email. Have a look below.

Not perfect, but it’s a start. It usually takes me 30 minutes of fumbling, scratching my head, deleting paragraphs to get to this initial point. Chat GPT produced the above text in seconds. It needs some refinement, but time has been saved – important if you are juggling lots of plates or value time spent away from writing emails…

Software Development

This next example is something I’ve recently used as part of a project. There are some fairly obvious uses for Chat GPT in Software Development, but the translation element seems to have been overlooked by other blogs.

There are other ways to translate, but Chat GPT’s simple explanation has caught my interest and can be utilised by software developers to enhance their development and spoken language bases.

Cyber Security

It wouldn’t be a P3M Works blog without a nod to Cyber Security. The team asked Chat GPT to build a password policy, here’s the result.

Not bad, some elements are out of scope and I think point 11 is a bit harsh… This generation led the team to discuss the dangers of Chat GPT and the likelihood of it generating incorrect, or misleading / confusing outputs – Chat GPT disclaims against its outputs and I think the above generation is a good example of why a disclaimer is necessary. Lesson learned, Chat GPT can’t replace professionals yet, but as we’ve discovered, it can aid them.

Project Management

It wouldn’t be a P3M Works blog without a nod to Project Management and some repetition. Project initiation is usually a speedy affair as a team moves at pace to mobilise. During this period, a PM is likely to want to refresh his or her understanding on key risks of the project undertaking, taking into account any new risks that the industry may have unearthed in the time between projects. We asked Chat GPT the below.

Cloud migration, a seemingly simple undertaking but with some complexities that require unearthing and managing. Chat GPT does a good job at raising some of the key risks here, this is by no means a complete list of innate risks to cloud mitigations, but provides insight into the risk environment which can be further extrapolated at an appropriate time.

What's next?

Microsoft look set to incorporate Open API into their ecosystem, whether this will strengthen or weaken Chat GPT remains to be seen, however in the short term at least, we will see the following.

1. Organisations will use Chat GPT to shortcut some professional services such as copy writing, debugging, organisational policy generation, copy for social media. This will yield mixed results with organisations unfamiliar with the technical background and the baseline quality of these services potentially getting things wrong and having to revert back to getting in contractors to solve issues induced by the incorrect use of Chat GPT.

2. Individuals will use Chat GPT to competently shortcut time consuming elements of their job allowing them to become more productive. This is similar to point 1, but without the ‘organisational ignorance’ fuelled by potential cost savings driving the use of Chat GPT to replace professions prematurely.

3. Chat GPT has some maturing to do, but what it can do right now is incredibly impressive and with 5 years of maturity under its belt it may begin to replace some professions, rather than the enhancement it currently offers.

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