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A brief note of reflection on 2023 and a look forward to 2024

How did we grow in 2023?


2023 has been a year of growth and challenge for P3M Works. We’ve expanded our team and emerged as a trusted partner to deliver a growing number of public/private cyber security and digital transformation projects, all the while taking steps to mature the business in the face of a tricky economic backdrop. 


Perhaps the most notable change for the company has been our rebrand, which went live earlier in the year thanks to the efforts of the team. The rebrand was a significant step forward in our journey and celebrated the organisation's evolution from humble beginnings to an exciting and energetic start up, with a growing team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals.


Our induction into JOSCAR is another point of pride this year. It has crystallised a number of our processes and enabled P3M Works to collaborate alongside partners to compete for and win work with a wider proportion of exciting and critical government projects in the fields of Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence - areas in which P3M Works combines both technical and leadership expertise to great effect. 


Another high point of the year was that P3M Works was shortlisted for the SoGlos Gloucestershire Business Awards as 'Micro Business of the Year', before making it into the finalist stage. As a smaller business, the fact that we made it so far came as a great surprise - however, on reflection, we realised that we actually have a lot to shout about!

Firstly, we invest in our people and support our team members wherever we can, including everything from private healthcare to an allowance for sports activities. Because people who are happy and feel valued maximise delivery. Secondly, we’re profitable and take care to remain that way. Because we are profitable, we have the opportunity to invest back into the community by supporting various causes and initiatives, one such cause being the RAF’s Atlantic Rocks Challenge


Above all, the achievements and successes that 2023 has brought for P3M Works would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our team. They have developed professionally, delivering challenging projects to cost, quality and time. We’ve supported each other to punch above our weight and prove ourselves as an exciting and delivery focused young start up and not another outsourcer or sales heavy, delivery light business.


What to expect from 2024?


The big change is the adoption of a new office space, ‘The Workplace', in Cheltenham, which will sustain our business for the foreseeable future and provide the modern environment the company has been seeking for some time. We’ll of course still be found at Hub8 as well. 


Our business-to-business activity will increase, with more private sector deals to support our partners' digital transformation and cyber security initiatives. Despite the current economic downturn, businesses continue to require the adoption of technology and the means to secure their digital estates - P3M Works offers an alternative to larger consultancies by offering true SME expertise with competitive pricing structures and delivery expertise at the core of our service, avoiding the runaway schedules and fees!


We will continue to expand our public sector work, with partnerships at the core of our strategy for development. Through fear of giving the game away, I won’t go into too much detail here. But watch this space!


Partnerships with the wider cyber ecosystem are also really important for 2024. P3M Works must do its bit to assist more junior and fledgling startups by providing support and partnerships to unlock opportunities. We will also work with more established members to advocate for the cyber ecosystem and pursue national and international ventures.


Perhaps one of the most exciting challenge in 2024 will be the opportunity to fund and onboard new members of the team who share our passion and commitment to excellence. To augment our standard ways of approaching candidates, we will be further developing our Military Leavers Scheme (MLS.) The scheme is open to veterans leaving the Armed Forces, providing support and professional development for veterans entering the private sector. P3M Works has already had its first initiate through this scheme and we look forward to welcoming more.


There’s a lot going on at P3M Works and 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for us. Thank you to the P3M team for your hard work, humour and passion. And from all of us here at P3M Works, thank you to our partners and mentors (both formal and informal!) for all of your support and energy - it is truly appreciated.


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a successful 2024.



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