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P3M Works

Project, Programme and Portfolio Management
Digital Transformation
Cyber Security

Digital Mind

Who We Are

P3M Works delivers Project, Programme and Portfolio (P3M) expertise to clients looking for support on their digital transformation and cyber security initiatives. 


P3M Works Services

Professionals for the information age

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Project, Programme & Portfolio

Leading your cyber and digital projects

Project Management is at the heart of P3M Works. We pride ourselves on our project expertise and practical use of methodologies.

P3M Works has three key pillars for project success:

  • Transparency 

  • Governance

  • Collaboration

These three pillars sit at the core of P3M Works project delivery.

Cyber Security

Supporting your cyber journey

P3M Works is a cyber innovator, our mission is to support clients on their cyber security journeys by providing a range of services including:

  • Bespoke awareness campaigns

  • Phishing services

  • Policy Services

  • Provision of specialist personnel 

  • Strategy 

  • Audits 

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Digital Transformation

Leading your digital charge

P3M Works delivers digital transformation expertise, helping organisations at all stages of their transformation voyages.

We help organisations in all aspects of digital transformation, including:

  • Cloud 

  • Application developlment 

  • Tool implementation 

  • Remote Working

  • Digital Leadership 

  • Technology planning and adoption

IT Consulting

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