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Nexor – a leading UK-based cyber security company approached P3M works to lend technical expertise in the creation of a zero trust architecture for an ongoing project.


P3M Works, a technical expertise company, was approached by Nexor, a client, after a conversation in hub 8 with the Nexor sales lead, Rob Wright. Nexor had an ongoing project concerning jsp440, and they required additional input. P3M Works was brought in to lend technical expertise in writing an element of a zero trust concept for the ongoing project.

Main Objectives:

Nexor required additional technical expertise to supplement their team for the zero trust architecture project. The project had suffered several setbacks and as a result, wasn't running to quality and time standards, whichin turn were leading to potential delays and increased costs.

How Did We Help?

P3M Works identified ways to improve project delivery by implementing better communication, information sharing, and a feasible schedule. P3M Works were then placed in a project leadership position to ensure the basics were done correctly and instilled confidence in the end client.

The End Result:

P3M Works successfully delivered the zero trust concept on time and on budget, and to the required quality. This led to the development of a good working relationship and partnership with the client and resulted in return business.

We’d recommend P3M Works to any organisation requiring cyber and technical project management expertise.

Case Study Client Logo


Construction of a Zero Trust Architecture

Ongoing project was suffering delays

High number of dependencies


Imparting of Cyber expertise

Highlighted Delivery Gaps

Re-baselined Project Schedule

Rebuilt Stakeholder Confidence


Successful delivery, on budget & on time

creation of a Zero trust Architecture

Opened the door for the client to conduct future work

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