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Government security vetting system

Spinwell – a global recruitment company approach P3M Works to identify a solution to holding their UK defence clearances and deliver the identified solution which included Consultancy focussing on policy , storage solutions, processes & threat identification & mitigation.


​ P3M Works was approached by Spinwell, a global recruitment company, to identify a solution for holding UK defence clearances and deliver the identified solution. The project's key objective was to provide a low-cost, simple way for Spinwell to handle clearance information for contractors working for the government. The proposed solution needed to adhere to government policy as well as ISO 27001.

Main Objectives

Spinwell had previously undertaken research in this field but had closed down the project. The main challenge was to identify a solution that adhered to government policy and ISO 27001 while being cost-effective and simple to implement.

How Did We Help?

P3M works presented various difference options for holding vetting. Falling back on its vast experience in understanding of government policy and process P3M works pulled together a research and feasibility piece to identify various clearance holding solutions for Spinwell. P3M works then presented back the various routes to holding clearance to spinwell and described the benefits of each and edded their own expert knowledge to allow spinwell to make an informed decision. P3M works provided expertise throughout the process remove and head off any potential road-bumps ensuring that the experience was seamless for Spinwell.


Identify a viable clearance holding solution that would work for spinwell

Ensuring correct engagement between spinwell and government

Make sure systems, policy and processes were compatible with ISO27001 & the Government standard


Understand the benefits of the various routes to holding clearance

Pull together a comprehensive project plan

Understand areas requiring specialist assistance vs those that could be delivered organically


De-mystified the route to holding clearance

Achievement of government clearance holding capability

Empowered Spinwell to achieve a Government clearance holding capability organically with strategic advice and oversight from P3M Works

P3M Works detailed all of the routes to achieve clearance and empowered us by providing strategic advice & oversight 

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