Cyber Security

Securing your businesses assets and educating your staff to mitigate the impact of cyber attacks is critical for all organisations. P3M Works focuses on the human element of cyber security.

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The Cyber Practice

Human Factors

A key area of focus for the cyber practice is human behaviour and its influence on cyber security. The Cyber Practice develops innovative awareness campaigns and tooling to boost cyber hygiene amongst a targeted population.

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Cyber Strategy

Cyber Security is a journey that requires careful planning to prioritise tasks. The team are well versed in working with organisations of all sizes to develop a cyber security strategy fit for the client's more general business objectives.

Tools, Technology, People, Process

TTPP sits at the heart of the cyber practice and is the formula that makes cyber security ventures possible.

Science and Technology
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Opensource Intelligence investigations form a sub-practice with teams working on investigations commissioned by clients and hosting workshops focused on controlling personal online footprints.